We Are The Fabulous And Affluent Boss!

With Oriflame, we make money today and fulfil our dreams tomorrow.


Do you want to earn extra money for yourself and your family?

Do you dream of traveling the world?

Do you want to look great and be the first to try new beauty trends?

Do you want to spend more time with the people you love?

Do you long for a career that gives you financial independence and professional recognition?

Do you dream of a life of freedom of choice, luxury and personal fulfillment?

The Oriflame opportunity puts your dreams within your reach—with minimal investment, no risk and exceptional rewards.


The Fab Tribe Team is devoted to providing you with tools, resources and supporting you to become a Leader with a difference.

  • Global focus – your location is not a problem.

  • Resources – we encourage learning and growth.

  • People not profits – we are more interested in YOU.

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Helping Ordinary people rise to Extraordinary heights by embracing a unique and unlimited opportunity. We empower them to fulfil their Financial dreams to better themselves and their families.

We show both men and women how they can earn in 6-figures simply using their smartphones to achieve TRUE FREEDOM.

A Dynasty for Financial and Time Freedom for a great tomorrow.

We are in partnership with the number 1 direct selling company in Europe….ORIFLAME.

Their unique business opportunity is – Make money today and fulfil your dreams tomorrow.

Our number 1 tool in growing our business is Social Media and our most popular platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Learning how to use these tools involves a lot e.g branding, marketing, advertising, technology etc.

We are committed to providing you with all the necessary support, basic tools and resources to help you grow your Oriflame business on the above mentioned platforms.

We encourage you to take courses on a more advanced level to help you become even more grounded.

We are the Fabulous and Affluent Boss Tribe and we grow together towards our SUCCESS.

We will be there for you every step of the way. You only have to be willing to learn and coachable.

Leave the rest to the team Leaders…

Togetherness, Spirit and Passion. We respect and love each other irrespective of religious and cultural differences.

Oriflame Changes Lives

An Opportunity for ALL.

Join Over 300,000 Consultants Enjoying With Oriflame Now

Become an Oriflame Consultant. Be a member of the Fab Tribe.

Team Director

Chiagozie Salami

Chiagozie Salami

Team Director
Team Leader for Fab Tribe